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Eureka EC51 Escalator Cleaning Demonstration

An escalator or travelator is one of the first things visitors will see upon entering a hotel, airport or shopping center. No matter how clean the other areas of the building are, if the escalator is not clean customers immediately get a negative impression of the facility.

The grooves in the tread area of the step are a magnet for impacted dirt and are hard to remove.

Frequently fires break out that are virtually fuelled by escalators. The fireplace effect in connection with an inadequately cleaned staircase represents a significant safety risk. During operation of the escalator, grease, dust, fibres and paper may accumulate inside the stairs – real fire accelerants. Through regular cleaning, these fire accelerants can be reduced, thus providing more safety.

Cleaning of an escalator doesn’t have to be a challenge if you use the correct contractor with a detailed cleaning plan and the right equipment is used.

Conventional cleaning techniques don’t work for cleaning escalators. 

Why is it so important?